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About us

Sandstone scandinavia is a new range of skin friendly makeup

The story of Sandstone Scandinavia began in Odense in 2015.
As a father of three teenage girls, and the experience of developing perfume allergy myself, I was concerned that my daughters would develop an allergy as well.
The causes of allergy are often due to the content of harmful substances in
personal care products and cosmetics.
With teenage daughters, using cosmetics every day, our goal was to develop
a complete skin-friendly makeup series – without perfumes, harmful allergens and parabens.
It was a very important factor as well, that quality, stylish design and fair prices for the consumer were guidings in the development of the products.

The Products
All Sandstone products are carefully developed in the highest quality.
Smooth and creamy texture, deep color pigmentations and long lasting.
On the skin, the products feel light and the ingredients are selected so you can be completely safe.
It is important for us to present a complete line for both skin, eyes, lips and brows. A wide range of products that you can easily choose from and make your own complete make-up line.
The products are suitable for all ages.

The Vision
We want to combine healthy, skin-friendly ingredients with high quality for the users.
We want fewer people to develop allergy in the future, because of makeup products.
With Sandstone, we will bring allergy knowledge and makeup artists together to show that clean products can also be of such high quality that professionals prefer them.
Sandstone’s products are today preferred by many makeup artists and other professionals because of the high quality, the healthy and skin-friendly ingredients and are easy-to-use. It is something that speaks for itself.

Jesper K. Hansen, Founder

About the products

  • We are against animal testing, and all Sandstone products are cruelty free
  • We support ANIMA – a Danish organization working against animal testing
  • All products are made with skinfriendly preservatives and we only use raw materials of the highest quality
  • Over 98% of our products are vegan without any animal derived ingredients
  • No products contain etheric oils
  • All products are skin friendly, and we work closely with Allergy Certified
  • All products are fragrance free
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