Happy skin guarantee or your money back - Sandstone Scandinavia

Happy skin guarantee

Sandstone Scandinavia is 100% behind what ingredients we use in our products.

You must have happy skin when you buy a Sandstone product that is Allergy Certified.

For this reason we will pay your money back, if you buy a Sandstone product with Allergy Certified label, and your skin gets irritated from it.

To give you safe and honest feedback, it is necessary that you have been in dialog with Allergy Certified and they have confirmed that it is the Sandstone product that caused the skin irritation.

We will connect you with Allergy Certified. Contact us by phone: 0045 71747100 or email: mail@sandstonescandinavia.dk

If Allergy Certified cannot confirm it is a Sandstone product that is causing the skin irritation, unfortunately we cannot give your money back for your purchase.

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