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Frequently asked questions

Can I use Sandstone makeup if I have allergies?

Sandstone is makeup with a focus on clean and skin-friendly ingredients. Unfortunately, allergies are very individual and therefore no guarantees can be given. We experience that many people who have not previously been able to use makeup due to allergies, can well tolerate our products.

All products from Sandstone are free of perfume, contain only skin-friendly preservatives, are free of essential oils and in very high quality. A large part of the Sandstone products are also Allergy Certified. You can also see the complete ingredient lists here on the website or directly on the individual product’s packaging.

Have the Sandstone products been tested on animals?

NO and we will never get to that. In return, we support Anima, a Danish association against animal experiments.

Are Sandstone products vegan?

The vast majority of Sandstone products can be used by vegans as they do not contain ingredients of animal origin. You can see under each product if it is vegan.


If you have other questions, you are welcome to write to us at: mail@sandstonescandinavia.dk

Does skin-friendly makeup work worse than "regular" makeup?

We can only answer for ourselves, and the Sandstone products are at least as saturated and delicious in consistency as the best makeup products that do not focus on skin-friendly ingredients. We collaborate with a number of makeup artists who use Sandstone professionally, and both durability and ease of use receive many praises.

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