Frequently asked questions

Can i use sandstone makeup if i have an allergy?

Sandstone makeup keep focus on skin friendly ingredients. unfortunately allergies are very individual, and therefore it is impossible to issue a guarantee.

We experience that a lot of women who could not use makeup before because of allergy, can actually use our products. All products from Sandstone are fragrance free, paraben free, free from etheric oils and with a very high quality.

A big part of our products are Allergy Certified, and we keep working to have more and more products certified If you know what ingredients you are allergic to, you can find all ingredients lists right here on our website, or on the packaging of each product.

Are sandstone products testet on animals?

NO, and they will never be. On the contrary we support ANIMA – a Danish organization working against animal testing. 

Are sandstone products vegan?

We did not intent Sandstone to be a vegan makeup brand. Because of that we have not asked for vegan raw materials in our products. For instance some products may contain bees wax.  

If you have any questions for us, please contact us by email.