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Intense Care Lipstick 48 Busy Girl


Intense Care Lipstick has a unique formula, that is rich on active and moisturizing ingredients. This lipstick leaves your lips with intense colour and moist. The nurturing, moisturizing and protective ingredients makes your lips look healthy and fuller, and the magnetic closure of the cap gives you a luxurious feeling. Feels light and caring on the lips, like a lipbalm. Allergy Certified, fragrancefree and vegan. Intense Care Lipstick cares for your lips with:

  • Squalene: Antioxidant that moisturizes and softens your lips. Helps reducing wrinkles, scars, UV damage and pigment changes.
  • Jojoba oil: Oil that softens and restores the lips. Improves the look of dry lips.
  • Vitamin E: Effective antioxidant that protects againt polution of the lips and pigment damages.
  • Shea Butter: Rich source to antioxidants. Softens and smoothes the lips.
  • Castor oil: Oil that adds moist, nurtures and restores the lips.
  • Abricot oil: Oil that contains antioxidant Vitamin E and adds moist to the lips.
  How to use: Apply directly on your lips. For a more defined look: Apply Sandstone Lipliner to the edge of your lips and then apply Intense Care Lipstick on the whole lip.

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